A New Revolution In Body Sculpting

Chic la Vie Med Spa In Las Vegas Now Offers Emsculpt, The Latest State-Of-The-Art Body Contouring, and Fat-Reduction Treatments

Las Vegas Body Sculpting

The buzz is on when it comes to the world of body contouring, and what everyone is talking about is Emsculpt! Emsculpt is a non-invasive in-office treatment that helps reduce fat and sculpt your body, particularly in the abdomen and buttocks areas of the body, using the latest technology in the world of electromagnetic energy.

How Does It Work?

Great question! In essence, Emsculpt technology uses electromagnetic energy to increase the contractions of muscles in the abdomen and buttocks, creating amazing results. These muscle contractions, known as supramaximal contractions, (the kind of contractions which are not a result of voluntary muscle action) help to improve the tone and strength of the muscles, helping to achieve a more sculpted and firmer area.

Is This Procedure Safe?

Our priority at Chic la Vie Med Spa is to offer only the most effective and safest treatments and procedures, and the Emsculpt procedure is no different. Our staff has personally used the technology with their own amazing results!  And, yes the procedure is cleared by the Food and Drug Administration for the “Improvement of Abdominal Tone, Strengthening of the Abdominal Muscles, the Development of Firmer Abdomen and the Strengthening and Toning of the Buttocks”.

What Can I Expect During My Procedure?

Have you ever done 20,000 crunches at the gym at one time?  Well, no worries, you won’t feel this during your procedure, however, you will get the benefits as if you had!

Your 30-minute treatment consists of paddle devices being placed on your abdomen or buttocks areas. As the treatment starts you will feel different patterns of muscle contractions, and patients enjoy a virtually painless relaxing experience as Emsculpt does all of the work.

Our trained staff will control the contractions at a rate that is appropriate for your body. Patients mention that they often feel strange contractions during the initial start-up, similar to having an intense vibration in your inner core area or buttocks region. After several contractions, the machine performs a “tapping” type of motion, which helps reduce the build-up of any lactic acid and toxins in the treated area. Lactic acid build-up is common when performing exercises of the muscles and is what people feel when they are “sore” after a hard workout. This “tapping” part of the procedure is why patients do not feel very sore after their Emsculpt treatments.

Typically, patients will do 4 treatments over a two-week period of time, and during your consultation, our professional staff will discuss the best treatment plan for you based on your goals and body type.  We have many patients who like to continue treatments on an on-going basis throughout the year.

What Can I Expect Following My Treatments?

One of the major benefits of the Emsculpt procedure is that there literally is no downtime. Our patients are not required to do any pre-treatment or post-treatment things with regards to preparation or recovery. You can go directly back to work and proceed with your normal activities. The process of removing lactic acid during the procedure helps to make the recovery time a non-issue.

Another wonderful benefit of this treatment is that the results are rapid, especially when you compare them to other body sculpting and fat-reducing procedures. Often months must pass for patients to see results with other weight loss procedures, however, with the Emsculpt treatments our patients will typically see feel results just after their first visit and see results within a few weeks. With the treatment, fat metabolism is increased in the areas treated, so patients tend to see improvements even many weeks after their procedures.

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