BOTOX® and DYSPORT® Procedures Las Vegas


Botox® And Dysport® Injections

Botox is short for Botulinum toxin which is the toxin that occurs in botulism.  Dysport®, another brand name for Botulinum Toxin, created by different companies.  Both Botox® and Dysport® work by binding to receptors on muscles and temporarily paralyzing them. Wrinkles are to a large degree caused by the contraction of muscles. As we age the elasticity of the skin is lost and wrinkles appear more prominent due to the muscle contraction. By relaxing the muscles, the skin flattens or smooth out and the wrinkles greatly improve or in some cases disappear altogether.


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How Does Botox® And Dysport® Work?

Because Botox® and Dysport® work by temporarily paralyzing the muscles, it is important to inject them only into muscles that we wish to paralyze or weaken. During injections, only very microscopic amounts are used, making the procedure very safe. Botox was first used to treat patients who had severe muscle spasms.  Botox® was used in the eye area for those patients who had blepharospasm (severe spasms and closure of the eyelids. Physicians noticed that wrinkles also improved.  From this beginning, Botox was used to decrease the wrinkles in the eye and forehead area.

Botox® and Dysport® Injections In The Forehead

Botox® and Dysport® are most effective in decreasing the wrinkles in the forehead area that are located between the eyes. These wrinkles are caused by the corrugator and procerus muscles. These muscles are mainly used for frowning or scowling. When they are prominent, they give the patient an angry look even when they are not angry. Because these muscles are essentially not useful and very small, they can be completely paralyzed without adverse effects.

Where Are The Botox® and Dysport® Injections Sites On The Face?

The crow’s feet around the eyes and some of the forehead wrinkles are excellent areas to inject. However because we do not want to paralyze muscles that are needed for facial expression, we cannot treat every wrinkle in the face.  We will inject less toxin in the wrinkles around the patient’s mouth to also allow for more movement of the lips. The forehead muscles control the lifting of the eyebrows, which also provide facial expressions, so we also carefully inject into these areas to protect this function.

Regular Injections of Botox® and Dysport® can be used to prevent wrinkles as well as treat them. Therefore many experts recommend that patients start treatment with Botox® in their early twenties even before wrinkles appear.

How Are These Injunctions Administered To Patients?

Trained specialists at Chic la Vie will use a very small needle to inject the Botox® and Dysport® into your muscle. Patients indicated that they feel a tiny pinprick.  Typically, patients only receive a very small amount with each injection, less than a droplet.  Think of it as if each wrinkle needs one or two small injections.  The total amount injected is dependent on the areas that a patient would like to have corrected.  The trained staff at Chic la Vie will inject more toxin for those patients with more wrinkles that require treatment.

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How Long Do Botox® And Dysport® Work?

Patients will notice the effects of Botox® typically 2 to 10 days following the injection. Dysport works a little faster and can begin to see the effects as early as 24hr later with full effect 10 days. Do not expect the results become apparent on the same day.  The effects of Botox® and Dysport® last about 3 to 4 months. Some patients can develop “immunity” to the toxin and it will not last as long in these patients.

Are Botox® And Dysport® Safe?

These toxins are very safe when administered by well-trained specialists. It is not safe when given by untrained or poorly trained individuals.  Because they seem so easy to administer, many people are trying to do it. Some of them poorly trained or even untrained. The use of non-medical Botox® has resulted in serious consequences and prolonged hospitalizations. This is why it is important to receive your Botox® only under the direction of a board certified plastic surgeon and his/her highly trained medical providers.

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