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Going to the spa is all about enjoying a luxurious, refreshing experience tailored to your needs. Noted for being the best med spa Summerlin has to offer, Chic La Vie is more than happy to provide a selection of high-end spa services.

We are a reputable clinic with years of professional experience and a desire to deliver great results.

Our services include:

* Facials

* Injectables

* Skin Peels

* CoolSculpting

* Venus Freeze

* Laser Scar Treatment

* Laser Hair Removal

* Hair Restoration

* And More!

Modern Techniques 

It all starts with our trained specialists taking the time to go through each detail. This includes analyzing your body, understanding your vision, and making sure the experience is picture-perfect.

We take pride in going the extra mile with our techniques and customer service remains important to us.

If you want the best spa services in town, we are the number one option for all of your needs.

Cutting-Edge Equipment

Whether it’s CoolSculpting, skin peels, and/or hair restoration services, we offer access to the world’s finest equipment.

Our spa is packed with highly rated tools to ensure each service is handled the right way. This includes making sure the equipment is up-to-date and in line with international standards. 

With our spa services, clients know they are not only getting the best but the safest solution too. This is a big part of our vision as a spa at Chic la Vie. We set high safety standards and make sure to uphold them every step of the way starting with elite equipment.

Certified Specialists 

Want to go with the finest professionals in Summerlin?

Our team is committed to helping clients achieve great results whether it has to do with your hair or face. To do this, we make sure each specialist is fully trained and certified to work at a spa location.

Summerlin Med Spa
Our specialists are not only trained but also take the time to set high customer service standards. This provides peace of mind to our clients and ensures the experience is a soothing one right away. For us, your comfort is of utmost importance and it starts from the first appointment.

Great Rates

Affordability is always a requirement and it’s something we are focused on. We understand the importance of setting competitive rates and working with our clients to find a happy medium between affordability and competitive pricing.

To make sure this is the case, we offer the best rates in Summerlin and take pride in going the extra mile during the spa experience. 

Chic La Vie never cuts corners whether this has to do with the equipment being used or the techniques that are employed during procedures. Everything is guaranteed to be top-notch and that is what makes us the right fit for your needs.

To book an appointment with the best med spa Summerlin has to offer, please call Chic La Vie at 702-233-8535 and learn more about your options. We are an accredited team with years of experience and a passion for offering world-class spa solutions to our clients.

For more information on how can help you with Quality Med Spa in Summerlin, Nevada, please contact us at (702) 233-8535, or visit us here:

Chic la Vie Med Spa

7650 W Sahara Ave suite 3, Las Vegas, NV 89117

(702) 233-8535

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