It has been said that relationships are based on trust, commitment, common goals, and respect. As Chic La Vie’s Spa Manager and a seasoned esthetics professional I hold this to be true, and the things that bond individuals together are the very things that create long-lasting relationships.

I started my career in 2002 as a Registered Electrologist, and opened my first skin care and hair removal boutique in 2004. This was well before the term ‘med spa’ was a house-hold name. At the time, I was working for a progressive and versatile cosmetic dermatologist in Boston. It was there where I gained access to all things beauty and spa, and my passion for this industry was ignited. Ever since, I have been driven to not only succeed as a business owner, but to create more than a space where people come for skin care – to create a space that represents who I am, the skills that I have mastered, the conversations that touch my heart, and the values I believe in. A space with positive energy and where a passion for esthetics, excellence, and results come together – and I did just that. As my business grew and expanded, we turned a lot of heads. Renowned for our trustworthiness and ethics, and most of all for our innovative approach to skin health and keen eye for introducing cutting edge technologies helping our clients put their confidence and best face forward.

Therein lay our common goals. It’s what drives me to keep searching for and bringing to clients the most effective and innovative beauty products and services, whose quality and technology you can rely on and trust the hands you are in. These values were handed down to me by the incredible mentors I have worked with along the years. My first teacher and now friend Mary, my incredible business mentor Frank, and my business landlord Leon who always offered no-nonsense sound advice – whether I asked for it or not, Jacqui who sees the beauty in every petal, and my mom who taught me to not only educate my mind, but to educate my heart. These values have not changed since moving to Las Vegas and joining Smith Plastic Surgery. In fact, this union has given us the tools to excel at what we already do best. If twenty years of experience has taught me anything, it is that one needs to be a true visionary to foresee the evolution of the professional spa industry, yet hold true to core values. Technologies continue to evolve and a new generation has modern and multiple options, yet the fundamentals of skin health and the connection between human beings remain. Everything I do begins and ends with an insatiable drive to anticipate and fulfill my patient’s needs. That is how the physicians I work with maintain such a wide range of top-tier products and services: so that we, together, can provide you with what your vision of your best personal self is and help you to realize your radiance. These are my values and the professional standards I hold myself to that have allowed me to build strong and lasting relationships with my clients for twenty years.

Since moving to Las Vegas, many people have asked why I closed my Boston spa after so many years? With so much personal fulfillment and gratitude for the community who gave me so much, all I can say is I followed my heart. I just knew it was time to start something new, to keep the possibilities going, and to trust in the magic of new beginnings.

I am incredibly honored to be part of Chic La Vie at Smith Plastic Surgery; To work with such an incredible group of talented and dedicated individuals, renowned physicians, and especially Dr. Lane Smith. And I am incredibly honored to serve you – our patients – and welcome you to visit our website and this blog occasionally to stay acquainted, catch up on new service details and technologies, and hear about all the happenings at Chic La Vie.

Who knew that taking a leap of faith and following my heart would land me right in the heart of Las Vegas!

My warmest regards,


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