Nowadays, almost everyone uses supplements for good causes. These necessary nutrients, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, and medications can enhance our lives in a way we could never have imagined.

But the potent and successful IV therapy we provide at Chic La Vie Med Spa, Las Vegas, NV, is considered superior to oral supplements. 

Our clinic offers many safe, potent, and efficient IV treatments for every health stage.


IV Therapy: What Is It?

The best approach to acquiring nutrients and vitamins is through IV therapy, sometimes called intravenous therapy. 

During the past ten years, more individuals have used supplements to take charge of their health than ever before. However, we could improve many things with the oral additions we use.


Are You Adding Supplements Correctly?

Supplements and food-based vitamins and minerals only function once they have reached the bloodstream. 

The digestive system must travel a long, arduous distance when taking supplements orally before the feel-good nutrients can reach the blood. 

Corrosive stomach acids, heredity, and other variables may prevent the absorption of many of the nutrients you consume into your blood.

This information may come as a shock to many. Others find it incomprehensible that they have been wasting time and money on supplements that might not even reach the absorption stage. 

Furthermore, it is impossible to predict how much nutrients will survive the GI tract and genetic variables, even if they make it to circulation.


Stop speculating about your supplements.

Nutrition is directly supplied to the bloodstream during intravenous therapy, eliminating the uncertainty associated with dietary supplementation. 

In 1970, Dr. John Myers of Johns Hopkins Hospital created the Myers Cocktail infusion therapy, which quickly achieved international recognition as a safe, clinically tested method.

Chic La Vie Med Spa takes pride in offering the Myers’ Cocktail liquid nutrient blend, which remains in use today. This blend contains calcium, vitamin C, B vitamins, and Magnesium, all beneficial in treating various medical conditions.

The choices for infusion have only increased during the past fifty years. 

Nutrient infusions are now available for almost any circumstance, from treating hangovers to enhancing athletic performance to treating mental illness.


What can I expect from IV therapy?

IV infusion is available for almost any illness or health goal, like taking supplements orally. 

We will discuss your therapy goals throughout your consultation at Chic La Vie Med Spa and design the best infusion you may take.

We also provide a range of pre-made mixtures appropriate for certain circumstances.


Supercharged Myers’ Cocktail and Myers’ Cocktail IV

Here is the injection from the 1970s that kicked everything off. The Myers’ Cocktail mixture benefits cardiovascular disease, inflammatory disorders, chronic syndromes, chronic pain, depression, and drug detox. The Supercharged Myers Cocktail, which contains all the same high-octane chemicals in significantly more significant amounts, may be recommended depending on your needs.


Alpha Lipoic Acid IV

The Myers’ Cocktail liquid nutrient blend is marketed as a “universal antioxidant.” It is crucial for various metabolic activities, including cellular energy synthesis and cell metabolism.

This IV might be helpful for stroke and some other diseases affecting the brain.


IV Anti-Aging

A robust combination of antioxidants and vitamins in our anti-aging IV increases collagen formation and promotes healthy aging. The bones, skin, connective tissue, energy levels, and brain are supported and strengthened by this IV.


IV Vitamin C

The human body does not naturally produce vitamin C, even though it is necessary for good health. 

Ensuring that your body has enough vitamin C will help you stay healthy, promote collagen, improve your mood, and ensure that most functions in your body run smoothly. 

Contact us now to find out what our IV vitamin C infusion can do for you.


Candida IV

The common fungal infection of Candida can negatively impact the immune system, brain, liver, and kidneys.

Although it is well known that Candida may exist in the vagina and intestines, you may not be aware it can exist in any body tissue. 

Curing a candida infection can be challenging since it has various unpleasant symptoms that can match those of other illnesses. 

Candida IV is a component of a thorough program designed to get rid of fungus and promote recovery that is incredibly reviving.


IV Immuno-Booster

Nothing compares to our Immune Booster IV in avoiding sickness and recovering quickly. The optimal time for this IV is when the cold and flu season begins or just before a trip. 

For a significant metabolic boost, we’ll infuse your body with a combination of our CompleteTM Nutrient formula, Taurine, DMG, Zinc, B vitamins, and Lysine. 

Additionally helpful for cold sores and aphthous ulcers, the Immune Booster IV.


NAD IV Immuno-Booster

Our NAD Immunity Booster can help you live longer. NAD, a natural supplement, is beneficial for drug withdrawal and is harmless.

According to research, it is also beneficial for PTSD, stress, sadness, and anxiety. 

Numerous studies support NAD’s anti-aging and renewing abilities can lengthen your life.


IV Hydrogen Peroxide

For persistent illnesses, including chronic fatigue syndrome, herpes and shingles, viral infections, HIV, Lyme disease, and fibromyalgia, a hydrogen peroxide IV is a helpful addition to standard medical care. 

This medication also comforts our patients with the flu, sinus infections, the common cold, and other diseases.


Glutathione IV

Tripeptide immunostimulant The body’s natural powerhouse for antioxidants, glutathione, continues to exist. 

This all-star antioxidant infusion neutralizes damage-causing free radicals caused by stress, radiation, inflammation, medicines, medications, malnutrition, environmental pollutants, and aging. 

The only effective method to get favorable benefits is to provide glutathione intravenously or by injection. Supplemental oral glutathione is not well absorbed in the gut.


IV Migraine Remedy

Try our Migraine relief IV if you’re one of the 20 million Americans who suffer from migraines. 

It features riboflavin (high-dose B2) and Magnesium to support and relax the blood vessels, causing these severe vascular headaches.


Medical ketamine IV

For the treatment of psychiatric illnesses like depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, PTSD, and OCD, Medical Ketamine IV is quite successful. While Ketamine acts quickly, oral antidepressants can take up to eight weeks to take effect. 

Clinical studies have shown that using medical Ketamine in small, regulated dosages can improve cognition and memory. 

This therapy is also effective for people with CRPS, Crohn’s disease, Phantom Limb, and fibromyalgia.


IV Pain Relief

You are not required to endure persistent suffering. To help you feel like yourself again, our Pain Relief IV provides your body with sufficient levels of the appropriate nutrients. 

When you need it most, we give non-addictive pain treatment using lidocaine, magnesium, Glutathione, and B vitamins.


Pre and Post-Surgical IV

We have created our Pre & Post-Surgical IV to accelerate your recovery.

With IV supplied with nutrients that strengthen the immune system, we help you reduce the time it takes to recover from operations. 

This IV reduces body tension and speeds up the healing process for wounds.


Quick Calm IV

Our combination of GABA, theanine, Magnesium, taurine and B12 will help you enter a blissful state if you suffer from severe anxiety or depression. 

Patients who suffer from memory loss due to aging also gain from this combination.


Wellness IV

Wellness IV is an excellent nutritional supplement comparable to the Myers Cocktail and contains vital vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. 

It is an excellent option if you want a blend to save you from feeling terrific.


Custom Blend

Even if your condition isn’t listed above, we can still give you an IV. Our specialists will collaborate with you to determine your needs, then develop a potent IV supplement blend. 

To find out more, call us right away.


How Often Can You Get a Myers Cocktail?

The ingredients of the Myers cocktail are calcium, Magnesium, vitamin B complex, and vitamin C. Asthma attacks, migraines, weariness, seasonal illnesses, and more can all be decreased by it. 

Individuals can also use Myers’ cocktails to treat hangovers, fatigue, and other temporary illnesses. It is safe when qualified experts provide the Myers cocktail to patients. Always talk to your doctor before beginning IV therapy, especially when you have any medical issues that might affect how it goes. 

Before using any supplements, including IV therapy, you should always speak with your doctor because taking too much of a single vitamin or mineral might have negative effects.Most people can eventually get an IV injection twice weekly. After approximately four shots, you’ll experience favorable side effects more frequently. 

Depending on your needs and your doctor’s advice, you can either continue having IV therapy at the same frequency after the fourth injection or shift it to a less frequent schedule.


Start IV Therapy Now With Chic La Vie Med Spa

The staff at Chic La Vie Med Spa is ready to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Let us administer a Myers cocktail within a single IV therapy session to assist you in managing your long-term health. 

Whatever your requirements, we ensure you obtain the proper vitamins to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.


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